Burlington Aggregates are industry leaders in the production and delivery of fresh Volumetric Concrete across Cumbria and the United Kingdom.

We mix all of our Volumetric Concrete in our state-of-the-art concrete mixers, utilising the latest technology and mixing methods to produce a high-quality mix each and every time.

Volumetric Concrete is one of the most eco and environmentally friendly ways to mix concrete. As hinted in the name, it is mixed to volume rather than weight. This helps eliminate any wastage, we can mix accurately to order in our specialist mixers.

Utilising our mixers also means we have the flexibility to mix concrete on-site in various quantities, again, without the wastage. Due to each mix meeting the exact specification, with a reduced risk of wastage, our customers only pay for what they order, we can help reduce the costs of any project with the application of on-site mixed, Volumetric Concrete.

How we can help you.

Your project could require various concrete mixes at different locations on site. With our state-of-the-art mixers, we can move freely around the site to mix fresh concrete on-site, no need to travel back and forth from the plant with different batches, we can mix everything in one visit, reducing timescales, helping you meet tight deadlines.

As we mix the concrete at every site we also eliminate the possibility of a mix starting to harden in transit – there is nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic with a truck full of concrete that in all likelihood, could go to waste.

We understand that sometimes projects are underestimated and you might just need a little bit extra concrete mixing to finish the job. With volumetric concrete, it is not a problem, we can mix the extra there and then without the need to return back to the plant.

As a leading supplier of Volumetric Concrete, Burlington Aggregates invested in a new Volumetric Mixer to further expand our supply network. You can read about the new mixer in our blog.

If you would like to discuss your concrete requirements with a member of the team from Burlington Aggregates, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our mixers can deliver to both residential and commercial clients, providing the right mix needed for every project specific requirements.