Burlington Aggregates volumetric concrete mixers can be the ideal solution for anyone who needs to move a mobile concrete mixer from site to site on an almost a daily basis. At Burlington Aggregates, we’re specialists in providing volumetric concrete mixer services. So we wanted to highlight some of the main benefits our customers receive using our volumetric mixer compared to a standard drum.

The Advantages

The main advantages of volumetric concrete mixers is the smooth workflow which you are given, mixing quality, convenient control and high performance.

Another advantage of a volumetric concrete mixer is down to its overall efficiency and reliability when you need it. When using a volumetric concrete mixer, you’re guaranteed to have the right amount of concrete for your project no matter what it is you need it for.

The various components of the concrete mix are stored and transported in separate compartments. This means that when the time comes to mix the concrete, it can be tailored and tweaked to your individual specifications. This is particularly helpful because it can take into account changing weather, which may alter the type of mix required.

The overall operation of a volumetric concrete mixer is pretty simple. Position the concrete mixer on a flat and steady surface and make sure that you have all the essential materials for producing concrete. When the concrete is ready, pour the desired amount of concrete in the places you need and save any from going to waste. However, if the engine temperature is too high during the mixing process, we’d recommend that the mixer is stopped for a while and wait until it cools down.

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