Aggregates are utilised in a wide range of construction and home DIY projects. From roads to buildings to water features, they all have one thing in common – aggregates.

Let’s have a quick look at the top five uses for aggregates:

  1. The construction of buildings and structures. One of the ingredients in concrete is aggregates. You’ll find houses, offices and other buildings up and down the country that all have the strong material as part and parcel of their build.
  2. Decoration. Decorative Aggregates can be useful to add some added flair to outside projects.  They can be found in many landscaping projects and home gardens and offer an esthetically pleasing look to an area.
  3. Railway System. Have you ever looked out the window of a train and looked at the tracks? The gravel that creates the based where the track is laid features aggregate as part of the base.
  4. Roads. The base layer of any road is made up of an aggregate base. Just think of all the roads in the UK which are built on aggregate.
  5. Bridges. Similar to the construction of roads, bridges and other walkways require a sturdy, high-quality material to build upon.

Regardless of your project, you need to be sure that the materials you are using are to of a high standard. At Burlington, we ship directly from the source, one of our quarries. We know the exact source of the material and can ascertain to its high quality. You won’t purchase from a third-party and we can provide all relevant paperwork and quality documentation. We have an extensive delivery network and can deliver UK  wide.

We can supply aggregates to the construction sector UK wide. To contact a member of the team to discuss your needs contact us or call us on 01229 839 966