Who would have thought the buildings we are working, sleeping and eating in were constructed using one of the most useful materials – sand. With sand being so extremely versatile and used in the construction of everything from towering skyscrapers, to small houses, shops, airports and so much more.

We’re going to talk about all the different grades which we provide here at Burlington Aggregates. We’ll also discuss how you can use them in your projects and help you make an informed decision about what sand would be best for your construction project in the future.

Different types of sand for construction:

There are a variety of different types which can be used for construction, all of which are much rougher than the beach grains.

Whether you’re making concrete or making windows glass, sand is crucial. Here are some of the types you’d usually find supplied by the team at Burlington Aggregates:

  • General Purpose Building 
    General building sand (otherwise known as Plasterer’s, Mason, or Bricklayers) is typically suitable for use in multiple building applications. However, is most commonly used in brick and block laying by mixing with water and cement creating mortar.
  • Rendering 
    Slightly coarser than general-purpose, rendering sand can be used to render internal and external building walls. Suitable for builder applications and building projects this would also go well with the construction of stone walls.
  • Concrete 
    Compared to General Purpose Building and Rendering Sand this is a much courser grade. However, this type is created after being mixed with gritty limestone aggregates, resulting in the perfect consistency for use in creating concrete.
  • Mixed Aggregates
    Mixed aggregate sand is a pre-mixed substance comprising of a mixture of concreting sand and also limestone aggregates. This product offers a perfect alternative for those interested in buying the product already mixed and ready for use
  • Coarse Paving 
    Coarse Paving Sand is much coarser sand for construction is created by combining general-purpose building sand with recycled material. It is ideal when laying block paving and dimensional paving and is a cost-effective option for all initiatives in the harsh landscaping projects.

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