Quarrying is the removal of stone or other natural materials from the Earth. Because of this quarrying and mining commonly get mixed up. These are two very popular, yet different processes which are used for extracting various natural materials from the Earth. The products we produce from quarrying include sand, volumetric concrete and construction, recycled and decorative aggregates.

Why Do We Need Quarries?

All of the materials which we produce using quarrying are essential to our everyday lives. Construction is a vital part of the world and our advancements. We must build roads and buildings to help us with travel, living, business and leisure. More than ever, the quarrying industry needs talented men and women to help operate the quarries of today and the future.

The largest quantity of mineral extracted by quarrying in the UK and one of the most common and heavily relied upon materials to come out of quarries is construction aggregates. Essential when it comes to the construction and maintenance of a building’s framework and overall infrastructure, construction aggregates are one of the most commonly used materials for construction in the UK.

Our extensive range of construction aggregates are low cost and can be used in large quantities, and can give stability, volume and wear resistance to a variety of products and projects.

Operating out of three distribution hubs in Elderwater, Kirkby-in-Furness and Goldmire in Cumbria, Burlington Aggregates have produced and supplied Aggregates for uses in construction and decorative uses across the UK. If you want to learn more about our experience with aggregates, take a look at our about us page.

Learn more about our sand, concrete or other aggregate products at our products page. Or learn more about the services we provide, from specialist plant to haulage services here.

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