When it comes to the delivery of fresh ready-mix concrete, you want to make sure that you partner with a supplier who can not only meet the needs of your project but can also deliver a quality end product. The team at Burlington Aggregates has a vast experience in providing concrete to construction projects in the local area but also constructions projects up and down the UK using our haulage network.

Partnering with Burlington Aggregates for the supply of fresh ready-mix concrete could be the difference between a seamless plan or a chaotic one.

What we can promise.

Primarily you want to be safe in the knowledge that you will receive your concrete when you need it and not a minute later. You can trust the team at Burlington Aggregates can deliver. Our volumetric trucks can provide concrete precisely to every customer specification, and due to the mix occurring in one of our volumetric trucks, there is very little, if any, wastage, meaning you can save time and money on your concrete. Not only should you be happy with the delivery timetable for your concrete to arrive but you should also be 100% comfortable with the quality of the product you will receive. Burlington Aggregates concrete is mixed using only quality tested aggregates.

Due to the use of volumetric concrete mixers the team at Burlington Aggregates can deliver multiple mixes in the same delivery, reducing the need to return to base to re-mix a fresh mix. This can massively help increase productivity on-site, giving you multiple concrete mixes in one. When you source your concrete from Burlington Aggregates, you source a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution.

If you require the delivery of fresh ready-mix concrete to a commercial constriction project or even if you need delivery for a residential home improvement project, contact the team at Burlington Aggregates today.