Decorative Aggregates are a great way to improve the aesthetics of your garden or outdoor space. Decorative Aggregates offer a practical way to improve the look and feel of your landscape while also being a flexible solution for home improvement projects.

Decorative Aggregates come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and come in a variety of materials including shingle, slate, stone and gravel. Regardless of the size of the landscaping project, the use of a Decorative Aggregate deployed correctly, can make or break the overall aesthetic and scheme.

Why use decorative aggregates? We have a few practical uses below for the correct application of a decorative aggregate:

Add Colour To A Landscape

Sometimes the layout and nature of a landscape need a little colour adding. When flowers and grass have trouble growing in certain places, adding a decorative aggregate can supply the colour that the landscape is lacking. The addition if a decorative aggregate can help add colour to a pleasant outside space.

Add A Security Measure

Decorative Aggregates can be noisy even when walked on, imagine a car or a van driving over them. The noise from a decorative aggregate can alert you to potential intruders but can also be the perfect deterrent for anyone trying to gain access to your home.

Add Protection To Flowers

Depending on the weather, plants and flowers can dry up quickly, if weeds have overtaken your garden they can harm the growth of your garden. An addition of an aggregate is an effective way of suppressing weeds and helping to retain water.

Create Driveways & Paths

Finally one of the most significant uses of aggregates is to create driveways and paths. Over time crushed aggregates can pack together to create a hard-wearing surface.

If you have a landscaping project that requires decorative aggregates, contact the team at Burlington Aggregates to discuss your requirements.