It’s been a busy finish to 2018 at Burlington Aggregates. Back in November, we launched our fantastic new website and we have now made a further investment as we enter 2019.

We are happy to announce that we have recently purchased a new Volumetric Mixer which will be on the road in the new year. The addition of this new mixer to our fleet brings the total number of mixers on the road to three from two.

Burlington Aggregates Invest Ahead of 2019 | New Volumetric Mixer

A volumetric mixer allows the team at Burlington Aggregates to mix the exact mix of aggregate, cement and water all on-site.

In the first instance, a volumetric mixer is able to eliminate journeys back and forth from the production plant, therefore, using less fuel and reducing traffic and emissions. Using a volumetric mixer eliminates any wastage on construction projects. The mixer will precisely meter out cement, sand, aggregates and water, all on-site. Being able to mix on-site eliminates the requirement to mix while driving, running the risk of the mix hardening on the journey. The best part of utilising a volumetric mixer, zero wastage – you don’t pay for concrete you don’t use as the Burlington team are able to mix exactly to the out customers specific requirements on-site to measure.

Benefits of a volumetric mixer

Using a volumetric mixer also gives our customers the option to order as much or as little concrete as they need. Utilising a volumetric mixer means that in most cases we can produce as little as half of a cubic metre of concrete all on-site there and then. A volumetric mixer basically becomes a mobile concrete plant, allowing the team at Burlington to move from job to job producing the exact concrete requirements per customer. If you are working on a site where you require more than one type of mix, don’t worry, the volumetric mixer can produce different mixes on-site without having to return to the plant to re-mix, thus saving time and money.

If you have an upcoming construction project that requires concrete to be mixed on-site, contact the team at Burlington Aggregates today.