Being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality construction, decorative and recycled aggregates for home and professional usage, we might be a little biased but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we really LOVE providing our customers with our range of aggregates from Burlington Aggregates!

Why do we love Burlington so much? Well seeing as it is Valentine’s Day, we thought we would share why.

Products We Provide

After years of being in operation, we are thrilled with the scope and the range of products which we are able to supply our customers with across the UK. Providing a comprehensive package of products and services, including, decorative and construction aggregates, sand, recycled materials and other relevant products and services to customers throughout the UK is something which we feel proud and also privileged to be able to do.

Burlington Aggregates Heritage

All our aggregate products from Burlington Aggregates are purely British materials, all of which are gathered deep from within the Cumbrian Fells. After providing our customers with our range of aggregate product for years now we are more than thrilled to know that Burlington Aggregates has become much better known throughout the industry.

Quality of Our Products

Not only does Buying from Burlington Aggregates guarantee 100% British material delivered to you, but also promises the highest quality product standard in the industry.

Not only do we take pride in the quality of our products, but we also pride ourselves for our environmental credentials and recognise the need for more sustainable processes of gathering aggregate products now and in the future.

Happy valentines day everyone!

Looking for the right aggregates to meet your needs and requirements? Burlington Aggregates can supply aggregates to our customers across the UK. To contact a member of the team and discuss your needs contact us using our online form, or call us on 01229 839 966.