If you look around at some of the oldest buildings in the world, you wouldn’t think that they were built using limestone. Limestone is one of the first widely-used construction raw material used around the world in places such as the pyramids in Egypt.

Fast-forward to the 21st-century and it is still found in construction projects worldwide. Limestone is a natural resource that can be found in abundance all over the world, meaning it perfect to use in the construction industry as a readily available building material.

The material can be used in blocks to construct building walls, stone calling on walls, retaining walls inside structures and for floor paving and tiles.

Benefits of Limestone

Limestone is the perfect building material for the construction industry as it extremely durable offering a sturdy material that provides structural integrity when used for the building of structures. While limestone does corrode over time when exposed to the elements, the wear and tear on the material is superficial and for the majority of the time, doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the structure.

The material is also very versatile – it comes in many different colours meaning it can match different decors and colour schemes without having to be painted or stained. The stone also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, opening up many different uses for the material within the construction and landscaping industries.

What you might not know is limestone is a fantastic conductor of heat. If you are building a structure that needs to remain cool on the inside, limestone is the perfect material to use. It also helps keep the electricity bills low and thus has an impact on the environment.

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