Inert waste is non-hazardous waste from materials that will not decompose such as sand, concrete and soil.

To dispose of inert waste correctly there are numerous guidelines and roles to follow. These materials can prove challenging to recycle, and this is why Burlington Aggregates has a facility at our Goldmire Quarry for the proper disposal of these materials.

Our Goldmire Quarry is fully licensed for the legal disposal of all inert waste. , and we also work with the planning authority to ensure that all landscaping that is undertaken complies with any planning conditions.

If your building site or project has a lot of inert waste, it is recommended that in order to lessen the environmental impact, it should be collected in a controlled manner to safely sort through the materials.

Here to help.

The team at Burlington Aggregates are waste experts; we do all the hard work for our clients! We have the skills and experience to manage large volumes of waste at out Goldmire Quarry. With years of experience in the sector, our clients can be assured that the materials are being sorted and recycled to the highest of quality standards meaning you don’t have to worry about how your waste was disposed.

As a leader in the production and delivery of recycled aggregates, Burlington Aggregates can use the waste from these materials to form recycled aggregate products for our clients. We use the materials from inert waste to produce recycled aggregates to lower the impact on the environment and also help reduce the number of materials that are sent to landfill.

Need to dispose of your inert waste? Contact us to discuss your waste disposal needs with a member of the team at Burlington Aggregates today.