With our inert waste disposal available to our customers nationwide, Burlington Aggregates carries out all the disposal at the Goldmire Quarry, which is also one of Burlington Aggregates distribution hubs.

What Is Inert Waste?

Inert waste is waste which is neither biologically nor chemically and is waste which will not decompose are requires. Materials like sand and concrete are both good examples of inert waste. This has particular relevance to landfills as inert waste typically requires lower disposal fees than biodegradable waste or hazardous waste.

Inert waste usually doesn’t pose a threat to the environment, or the health of animals or other people and will not endanger the quality of watercourses. However, when there is a large amount of this type of waste, it can become an issue as it begins to take up a lot of space.

We mentioned that some of the most common examples of inert waste are sand and concrete waste, however, other examples of inert waste include; Clay, Sub soil, Chalk and Rubble.

If your building site or project has a lot of any of the waste materials which we mentioned above, it is recommended that in order to lessen the environmental impact, it should be collected in a controlled manner to safely sort through the materials. Our experienced team at Burlington Aggregates are specialists in the removal of a variety of inert wastes, so we do all the hard work for our clients! With years of acquired skills and experience from working in the sector, we’re able to manage large volumes of waste at our Goldmire Quarry, and our clients can be assured that the materials are being sorted and recycled to the highest of quality standards meaning you don’t have to worry about how your waste was disposed.

If you need to dispose of your inert waste? No matter what type it is, contact us to discuss your waste disposal needs with a member of the team at Burlington Aggregates today.