Fresh delivered concrete is the perfect ingredient for all home DIY outside projects.

Winter is over, and we are moving into the more beautiful time of the year for weather, Spring and Summer.

It is the perfect time to start all those home DIY projects that you couldn’t do outside due to the rain and cold. Heading out to put the base down for your shed, or building an external wall, or even something more significant – like an extension, outhouse or garage will all come with their challenges.

With bright days and more sunlight hours, now is the for you to get all of these jobs done. It’s no coincidence that pretty much all of the tasks we mentioned above, all need concrete to progress them in some shape or form.

In the current climate, you might have two thoughts about getting concrete delivered to your property. It’s not like you can pick up the required amount you need, so readily at shops and DIY stores at the moment.

Once some of the government restrictions are lifted though, you might want to consider getting your concrete delivered from Burlington Aggregates.

Our concrete mixers can deliver the exact amount of concrete needed for your project, no more, no less. This means there is less wastage which means you can save money and the environment when ordering from us.

Our concrete comes fresh, poured from one of our volumetric mixers. You won’t have to wait for a mixture to be created onsite, once we turn up, we can literally pour there and then. As the concrete is mixed on the route in the mixer, there isn’t any possibility that the mix could start to harden and go off by the time it is delivered. We deliver fresh concrete to you every time.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with the team at Burlington Aggregates, contact the team today, on 01229 839 966 or through our online contact form.