Decorative aggregates are a great way of adding a little flair to your landscape. You can turn your garden into a stunning setting in a few easy steps. Not only can the addition of decorative aggregate add to your garden setting but it can also help with garden maintenance. Say goodbye to some of the tedious garden jobs and start to enjoy your garden.

Laying decorative aggregates doesn’t necessarily need to be difficult if you follow our quick guide:

  1. Clear out the area that you want to lay. You’ll need to make sure any weeds or other vegetation is fully removed. You need to be really thorough to make sure that any weeds are either removed and/or killed. The last thing you want once completed is weeds growing through the aggregate
  2. Once you have cleared everything out and you are happy with your weed control you’ll need to level the area out. Make sure you rake the area to remove any leaves, rocks and foliage.
  3. Now it is time to apply a weed control membrane to the area. This membrane will help keep anything that shouldn’t grow from underneath while also allowing water and air through to promote a healthy ground. If you are planting in the area, make sure to cut an X in the membrane to create a solid platform to introduce plants when you are ready
  4. If you have everything in place, your plants are all in place, you will be ready to lay your aggregate. Once you have your chippings down, you’ll need to level the base out with a rake to get a good even base.

If you would like to discuss any of the decorative aggregate supplied by Burlington Aggregates, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today. We have a wide range of decorative aggregate in stock with UK wide delivery.