Within the construction of roads, bridges, streets, bricks and concrete you will find a raw material known as an aggregate. Construction Aggregates are a mixture of sand, rock and gravel and are heavily used in the construction, civil engineering sectors, and, as an ingredient of concrete.

Why Use Construction Aggregates?

Due to aggregate being the least expensive material used to produce concrete construction companies can lower the cost of the concrete that they need to complete their projects. As aggregate accounts for a high proportion of the mix using it will greatly impact the economic results of the project, whilst producing a high-quality construction project.

Construction Aggregates can also impact the overall aesthetics of a building project. In some cases, practicality is required but also a certain look or feel needs to be produced or replicated. Natural aggregates such as granite, limestone or marble can be used for this purpose.

When aggregates have been added to a concrete mix it has been found that the aggregate adds stability to the overall mix once it has hardened. Aggregates also prevent the possibility of concrete cracking or eroding over time due to the lower shrinkage potential when compared to cement.

Construction Aggregates are a great way of making the production of concrete and construction more economical. Burlington Aggregates offer our clients a comprehensive range of construction aggregates. With three quarries based in the North-West of England, clients can be assured that the team at Burlington Aggregates can deliver a quality construction aggregate product every time, on-time using our fleet of haulage vehicles.

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