The question of sustainability of concrete is one that has been asked a number of times among homeowners, builders and even suppliers. As a result, some research has been done to either approve it or disapprove as a sustainable building material.

Throughout our many years of working in the sector, we often find ourselves being asked just how sustainable concrete is as a material. When it comes to finding the right material for your project, there are a few points and advantages to take into consideration. 

After a thorough investigation, researchers have come to the conclusion that concrete is one of the most sustainable building materials today. But what are the facts that help to support this? 

Sustainable Concrete

We’ve put together a few points to help illustrate why concrete is the best sustainable material for your project:

  • Durability – One of the main benefits which you will be presented with when choosing to go ahead with concrete for your construction project, is the overall durability of the material. With a lifespan ranging up to two or three times longer than other materials, concrete is definitely a material to consider due to its lifespan alone.
  • Plenty of Resources – Cement and Limestone are predominantly the main materials which make-up cement and with both being a common material, the concern when it comes to running out of cement for a project is very low.
  • Waste – Thanks to the use of our volumetric mixers at Burlington Aggregates, we are able to deliver and then mix the required amount of concrete for the job then and there meaning you will receive the perfect amount, rather than being left with extra waste.

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