Burlington Aggregates is one of the North West’s leading suppliers of aggregate products and concrete. Based from our quarries in Cubmria we supply a wide range of decorative and construction aggregates to clients throughout the United Kingdom via our extensive haulage network.

What Aggregates Can We Deliver?

Construction Aggregates Cumbria

Construction aggregates are found everywhere you look. We deliver construction aggregates for use in the construction industry for the development of buildings and structures within the infrastructure of the country. Construction aggregates offer volume, stability and resistance to wear or erosion when applied to external structures that are open to the elements. Burlington Aggregates produces a wide range of aggregate products for the construction industry, they are a low cost product and can be utilised in large quantities.

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Decorative Aggregates Cumbria

A practical aggregate product supplied by Burlington, decorative aggregates are aesthetically pleasing and can add a sense of style to an outdoor setting.

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Recycled Aggregates Cumbria

Recycled aggregates are an aggregate product that is produced by reprocessing inert waste. Recycled aggregates can be utilised in many construction products. Recycled aggregates are produced from materials that have been previously used or created in construction projects. Recycled aggregates are positive for the environment as the materials used to produce them do not end in a landfill and are recycled to produce the product.

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At Burlington Aggregates we produce a full range of aggregates from our primary and secondary quarries and through our regulated recycling facility.

If you would like to discuss any upcoming requirements for any of the aggregate products that Burlington Aggregates can supply, please contact the team today on 01229 839 966 or for more information visit the products section on our website.